TOUR INSIDE Ben Shapiro's Home | Historic Hollywood Home Tour

Whether you’re a fan or not of conservative political commentator, Ben Shapiro, there is one thing we can all agree on - he has great taste in houses. Ben Shapiro shocked the world by announcing he’d be leaving Los Angeles, the place he has called home for most of his life, except for a short time in New York and his time at Harvard Law.  Ben’s [now former] home is currently listed for sale, as Ben Shapiro has moved to Florida and he’s moved his business, The Daily Wire, to Nashville, Tennessee. His home is a Spanish Revival California Hacienda in the heart of Valley Village, which only recently separated from North Hollywood (in 1991). The residence is behind a gate, on a pretty magical lot, in the southeast corner of the San Fernando Valley, a subsection of Los Angeles that has transformed into a white hot real estate market. This particular home is steeped in Hollywood History. Ben Belack, Beverly Hills realtor, takes you inside for this special installment of Historic Homes, Los Angeles.

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