2023 Housing Market Crash?

In this episode, Ben Belack and Zach Goldsmith (aka Donald Trump) compare and contrast market sentiments on the street vs the year-over-year data in the pedigreed housing markets of Los Angeles. They also do a deep dive into the value and purpose of New Years' Resolutions.

Market Data:
City of Beverly Hills, new listings down 16% year over year, pending listings, meaning under contract, down 34%. Sold listing the city of Beverly Hills 22 to 2021, down 34%.The average sales price is up almost 8% despite new listings down under, contract down, sold down. But maybe this is just Beverly Hills. It's a global brand that, after all, everyone knows it. They love it. It's not subject to ULA, which we'll talk about in another episode. Sunset Strip, new listings down almost 21%. Pending escrows down 35%. Sold listings down from 543 in 2021 to 376 in 2022. Keep in mind 2022, the height was I mean, we were we still were at the height of this of this bull run in March, still down 30%. Santa monica down new listings, 31% under contract, down 44%. Sold down 37%. Average sales price up by 6%.

Watch the full episode here.

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